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The Cake Boss’ Wedding Cakes

By Tara Andrews
March 4th, 2010

I have fallen in love with the TLC network’s show “The Cake Boss” about an Italian family run bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey.  The episodes are hilarious and you get a glimpse into the life of Buddy, the “Boss”, and his family. There are pranks, rivalries, sibling disputes, and lots of cake.

The show is based on how the family meets and exceeds their customer’s expectations when they order custom cakes for special occasions. The family does phenomenal work and I snagged these few cakes from their online portfolio to help inspire your own cake selection.

Cake Boss Cake Cake Boss Cake

Seeing these cakes and watching the show really makes me wish I lived near the bakery so I could taste some of their beautiful work.

The fabric cake truly looks like silk and satin. I don’t know how they do it but their cakes are so intricate and so beautiful. I love the colors and details in the flowers and gotta love the round beaded look around each tier. They look just like pearls.

What kind of cake design are you planning to have on your wedding day?


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Make Your Cake as Memorable as You With One of These Unusual Cake Toppers!

By Tara Andrews
January 3rd, 2010

Every wedding has a cake but every cake doesn’t have to be the same. If you’re not into the traditional hum drum cake with flowers and frosting roses, check out‘s assortment of wedding cake toppers. They have many styles to pick from including these that I felt compelled to share!

Some Fun Cake Toppers

Fun Cake ToppersThe motorcycle couple is especially with the Just Married sign on the back of the bike and a string of cans and bottles tied on.

For the competitive couple, there is a race to the top of the cake and the bride always wins this race – of coarse! I love geeks of all kinds, they are so smart and so sincere.

The last cake topper above features a geek groom complete with glasses and a pocket protector!

Some Sports Cake Topers

I live with my boyfriend, a sports fanatic, and these cake toppers are right up his alley.  I love how you can create some action on the cake with some of these sports ones.

Sports Cake Toppers

The groom looks like he lost track of time during a game of pick-up in the hockey topper.

The bride is ready to hit a home run with the baseball topper. Just imagine how excited your baseball fan husband-to-be would be to get a baseball diamond themed cake for his wedding!

The football couple is so playful with the bride getting a piggy back ride.

Sports Cake ToppersMy favorite has to be the rugby topper! The bride is after her man and is in midair completing her tackle. Just imagine the cake with the uprights and full rugby pitch.

Everyone knows someone who is a golf widow. Every spare minute is spent on the green. This golf topper is so cute. The groom looks like he’s going to sneak out for a quick round after the vows.

They also have a soccer topper complete with cleats, shorts, and a ball. It is even more fitting if your soccer fan actually wears the black umbro shorts!

Some Romantic Cake Toppers

I am at heart a hopeless romantic so I couldn’t help sharing my top three favorite romantic toppers.

Romantic Cake ToppersI absolutely love the kissing bride and groom with the bride off the ground. They look so in love and this is a different take to the traditional standing bride and groom.

There is nothing more romantic than kissing in the rain. Throw in a groom toting an umbrella and you have a great wedding topper. Your cake designer can have fun making puddles for this couple to stand in.

And last, the young kissing couple seems as though they are sitting on the top of the world and a happy future is ahead.

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