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The Romantic Europe Photo Shoot

By Tara Andrews
March 1st, 2010

Reading one of my favorite wedding blogs, stylemepretty, I stumbled on the photography of Stacey Reeves and the uber romantic photo shoot she had with Abby and Zach. Abby and Zach traveled throughout Europe on their honeymoon.  There is nothing more romantic than a night shot of the bride and groom with the brightly lit Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) behind them or kissing in famous archways.

Abby and Zach

Abby and Zach

The most romantic event in this couple’s European vacation was in Italy. As Stacey writes in her blog post:

“If you ever travel to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, you’ll see hundreds of padlocks along the river, with initials scribbled onto the sides. As legend goes, if you write your initials and your beloved’s initials onto a lock, attach the lock to a city fixture, then toss the key into the river, you’re destined to be together forever.”

I know what you’re thinking – so romantic! So, Abby and Zach decided to do just that in every city they visited. These shots are from the Grand Canal.

Abby and Zach

Abby and Zach

Thanks for the fantastic photos Stacey, and thanks to Abby and Zach for such an amazing honeymoon and being willing to let the photos go onto Stacey’s blog.

See more of Abby and Zach’s European honeymoon photos in Stacey’s blog post.


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